Refresh imported images

Hi, I´m new to Toon Boom storyboard, so I have some questions. As I already found out Storyboard saves the imported images as internal .tvg. Hove can I refresh the imported images. To explain it better, I work with .psd-files, which I modify in Photoshop. I already have a complete storyboard done, but want to resfresh the importedimages, is this somehow possible? I don´t want to do the whole storyboard again.ThanksSophie

Hi,I am not quite sure if I understand properly. Do you want to refresh the .tvg files or the .psd files. All imported images (regardless of format) are converted to tvg so for sure it won’t be possible to simply replace the tvg by an updated psd, you would need to import the psd in the scene so in that case it would be faster to do it from within the project.If you want to replace a tvg by another tvg you would need to swap the tvg from the project directory and while the project is closed so the right files get loaded upon opening the software.Best regards,Ugo

Hi,well now I don´t really understand. My problem is, I have several .psd files, which I want to import into Toon Boom Storyboard to creat a new Storyboard. (this works good) But after having created a Storyboard it happens that I have to change the .psd files in Photoshop. Can I resfresh the .sboard file, so that the change in the .psd files are visible? Or do I have to create the whole .sboard file again?Sophie

Hi,You should not have to create a brand new storyboard, but you should go in the panels you want to change the psd and import the new version as a layer. Then delete the original layer.Best regards,Ugo

Hi again,"but you should go in the panels you want to change the psd and import the new version as a layer. Then delete the original layer"well that is the think I really don´t want to do, cause I work for a company who have created many storyboards, which needs to be update/refreshed ( I mean just the imported pictures). It´s this possible to solve this problem?ThanksSophie

Hi,For the moment with the current feature this is unfortunately the way to do it.By the way have you been in contact with your reseller concerning this? We have been in contact with one of our reseller concerning similar issue. If that is the case you should keep in contact with them for this will most likely resolved through this lifeline.Regards,Ugo

Hi,yes I have been in contact the reseller. So hopefully the problem will be solved. But thanks anyway for the quick answers.Regards,Sophie