I tried to do a water reflection effect with Toon Boom Animate Pro. There is a Youtube video by Jamalanimation that explains it.

Basically the trouble I have is at the point when you copy the drawing you want to flip. Let’s say you want to have a rabbit character standing at a lake and you want to have his reflection in water of the lake. You would make a copy of the rabbit drawing, rename the copy ‘Reflection’, go to Animation>Flip>Vertical and that should flip the copy(renamed Reflection), as described in the mentioned tutorial video.

I tried this with one scene and everything worked as described. Then I went on to the next scenes and each time both drawings were flipped. To use my example, I have the rabbit at the lake and just want the copied drawing called ‘Reflection’ to be flipped while the original drawing Rabbit should stay like it is.
Each time both drawings were flipped, totally making it impossible to do the reflection effect.
I did everything like I did in the scene where it worked like it’s supposed to and according to the tutorial but with no luck.

Can anyone help me on this? Why are suddenly BOTH drawings flipped?

Sounds to me like you might have cloned the drawing instead of copying it.