Reflection in the water

I’m working on a scene requiring reflection of a character in the river.
Please tell me how to do this in Animate 2. ???

Adam Phillips has a 2D water caustic light refraction effect tutorial on his site. I am not sure how much he is selling it for, cause he does not list the price so you would have to email him.

It does not necessarily include a character, but I think it shouldn’t be to difficult to add it after you make this effect. You can always ask him prior to buying it.


1) I’ve found nothing in animate 2 that allows you to create water effects simply. I would love to find out that I’m wrong. The 3 features that may help are blur, morph and glow but be prepared for a lot of work.
2) Adam Phillips is superb with water, he has done a number of reflexions. See at about 3.08 for an example. If I wanted to copy the master I would try to make the reflexion a simple copy of the character to be reflected. The simple copy would have to consist of single color drawings, the drawings could then be morphed to simulate a reflexion on water.


Thanx a lot everyone. It really helped.
And yeah, Adam Phillips is indeed a fine animator especially with water and other effects. For now I think I’ll stick to Lily’s suggestion.
Thanks 8)

if you use pro, defract module really helps.

It’s a bit complicated but I’d recommend that you try to do the following:

1) Duplicate your character AFTER the animation is finished
2) Attach this copy of your character to a Quadmap layer and reposition it to be reflected in the water
3) you would now want to attach effects to this layer:
- Transparency
- Blur
4) You probably also want to attach a Mask (or Cutter in Animate Pro) to cut the character with the water, and you’ll need a duplicate or clone of your water layer to use to cut this one off

It’s easier in my opinion to do these more complicated effects in Animate Pro since you have the Network view and not just the timeline to do your effects. But you should be able to get a basic water reflection in Animate. You would not, however, be able to do something like a water ripple in Animate - this would require Animate Pro.


Check out my response in the other forum. :slight_smile: