Refine Drawing and Exporting to FCP

I am ready to refine my rough drawings. What’s the next steps? Do I onion skin and redraw all the cells/elements? Or do I redraw each cell? Once I have finished the refined drawing phase I am hoping to paint in the backgrounds.

I have exported the rough drawings into final cut pro and they look just as they should.

PROBLEM: Why does my QT movie have so many striated horizontal lines?

I will post the link to the movie/animation on YouTube when it’s finished uploading so you can see what I mean.

Here’s the YOUTUBE link to see the animation. Note the striations! Why are they there?

Reasons for the striations? It’s because I exported movie into QuickTime at the lowest quality setting. It’s much better when I exported it at the Medium setting. No striations.

juliankaruk, I like your animation on you tube very much, there is great moments in it. Head turns are very nice too.

I was wondering haw many peacice of art work had you in that peace?

It has been over two year since I last looked at Toon Boom and have now just upgraded to v6 and went and bought Story Board.

But my other system of animation is by using bones and that is why I came back to Toon Boom.

I look forward to getting new of this project you are working on.

from South Wales, U.K.

I’m not sure how many cells/elements there are. Hundreds seeing as I am working at 24 frames per second. I initially was using only 60 frames but realized it was way, way too fast. So I started adding frames and the movement started smoothng out. I have 1,500 + cells in this rough draft. I am now about to draw the “inked” (more refined) lines. I will be getting calligraphic if you know what I mean.

I wonder if it would be useful for if you have a morphing peace of software and in that way you could get in-between frames. I did that one one of my project some years ago.

I had two trees, one was a dead looking one while the other was green and full of life. It gave me some 20 frames that run smoothly.

Hope that will help.