referenced memory causes Toon Boom Animate to terminate

I am running the Toon Boom Animate trail version on a PC with XP. The following error message appears everytime I’m working in Toon Boom Animate (which causes the program to close):

The instruction at 0x39d50053 Referenced memory at 0xff000014. The memory could not be read. Click Ok to terminate the program.

I had an error message last year with Flash 8 - when I installed Quick Time, Flash would not open. Some research on the internet turned up that Flash and QuickTime didn’t get along (I had to uninstall QuickTime).

Toon Boom Animate requires Quick Time. I reluctantly installed Quick Time - Flash 8 works, but Toon Boom Animate keeps shutting down.

I am looking for a software program that allows for multi-planing, has a small learning curve and isn’t too expensive - Toon Boom seemed to be the fit, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to play with it.

I appreciate any help with this. Thanks

Does this happen immediately when you start up the software, or do you have to work for a while before this happens?

Can you give me some information about your computer?
- what OS are you running
- what graphics card do you have?
- How much memory does the computer have?

You mention Quicktime. When you do an Export to Quicktime Movie, then Quicktime has to be installed on the computer. Does this crash occur when you try to export to Quicktime? What version of Quicktime do you have installed?

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