Referenced Files - Rigs, Props, Scenes, etc..

Referenced Files - Rigs, Props, Scenes, etc…:
Scene/Rig Referral.

In Autodesk Maya, you can refer files into other scenes, which makes it easy to have constant updated rigs.
This allows for a more sufficient and flexible pipeline.

Then the rigger and asset artist can work at the same time while the animators can block out scenes - assuring the rig will be updated along the way, without having to re-import the updated rig and copying keys from one version of the rig to another.

Is it possible to have this setup?

I have included a link to some random Maya tutorial with someone explaining how to import a referenced rig to visualize what the requested feature;

Best regards Troels

Referenced files is touted as being one of the best collaborative features of moho pro 12 when used in a studio production pipeline.

It would be great if rigs could be separately worked on and updated automatically in another scene without having to reimport a character from the library

Yes, definitely a nice thing to have.

A referenced workflow is also possible in OpenTOonz mainly because all the files and animation frames remain external to the actual scene file: easy to recycle and cascade changes throughout a project’s scenes. It is also easy to import an entire scene into a scene (even sub-scenes within sub-scenes.

And it means assets can easily be switched out with other assets, while maintaining the keyframed animation - which allows for a library of standard animation placeholders that can be re-used throughout the production. It’s pretty snazzy.