Reducing walk cycle frame by frame?

Hi all.

I’ve created a walk cycle in Toon Boom Studio and want it to progressively scale down frame by frame… i.e. to give the illusion of the character walking into the distance, in perspective.

I can scale my character to the right size at the beginning of the scene… and the smaller size at the end. But can’t seem to make it reduce down frame by frame from one to the other over the 130 frames I’m working with.

I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious but can anyone please help?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you just need to set the segment between your starting and ending keyframes to be non-constant.

I suspect that you might find the 5 part series of articles on keyframes very informative. The first article is KEYFRAMED ANIMATION PART 1 the series is linked together so you can easily jump from one article to the next.

You can accomplish your effect either by scaling the character or moving the camera. In either approach you’ll be using Keyframed animation.

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask them -JK