Reduced image quality on imported .mov

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble maintaining image quality when importing a .mov file into Toon Boom for rotoscoping (for a university project). The original footage is at 720p, but the quality is significantly reduced after importing the movie file and having Toon Boom convert it into a series of images (I’ve tried setting the project resolution as high as 1080p but that hasn’t helped). The quality is also reduced by the same amount when importing an image sequence created from the .mov outside of Toon Boom.

This is ok for tracing the basic volumes of the character, but smaller facial details are very blurred after zooming in (clearly less definition when playing the video in quicktime) and it’s very difficult to be accurate with the hands and face.

Any advice on how I can improve the image quality of frames from a .mov import would be a massive help.


Ok I’ve just discovered the movie/image conversion doesn’t lose detail if I check the vectorise box. The problem now is that images from the 720p video expand well outside the working area inside the black border, even though my project is set to 1080p resolution. Any ideas what I can do to fix this while retaining the detail?

Edit: Seems to be fixed now after I reselected the 1080p resolution from the scene menu.

Ok sorry about this, but I have a new problem. If I choose to vectorise the movie the quality of images is maintained, but it means my brushstrokes in the drawing layer are also vectorised which doesn’t suit rotoscoping.

Is it possible to have one layer vectorised (for higher image quality on imported frames from a movie) without vectorising the drawing layer?

Alternatively I’m be back to a variation on my original question - how to maintain image quality on frames imported from a movie without vectorising them.


Couldn’t you import and vectorize your bitmap images and draw over it with in another element for the rotoscoping? I am not quite sure how you man on drawing on a non vectorized element though since Animate only allow you to draw in Drawing element (which are vector).

This being said, if you feel the line quality is not suiting with the normal brush you probably should opt for a textured one instead. Be aware that texture brush will be much heavier so it may be better to do your rough in a regular brush and clean up in texture afterward.