Redownloading Harmony

I have wiped my computer because of a virus but saved all my harmony work. I tried to redownload the software and I’m not able to activate my license in the LicenseWizard, I type in my email and password and I’m brought up to a page with my product licenses (there’s only one), and I can’t activate it because it says it’s already installed. HELP!! >:( Also, there is no product code in the email, if there is where is it?!?!?!

To clarify, it is not a “grace period” it is more like you get three chances to set up the software without going through the proper procedure of returning then activating the license. Toon Boom wants you to do it a certain way but they allow a few opportunities to do it anyway.

Once you run out of the allotted chances you would probably be able to do it with the assistance of Support. So if you have a hard drive failure 10 times you will not be locked out of the software. You will not have to pay more money if you use them up.

Will you have to pay for the new license for the server after you realize the grace period is up?

You cannot activate the software because you couldn’t return the license due to the problem with your computer. You should contact Support, they should be able to help you. You should have your license key on an email sent by Toon Boom but also in your profile page, in My Downloads.

Luis Canau

You are (were?) allowed a few grace installations where you do not have to return the license before activating another installation. My system drive failed and I could not use it. I was able to get a fresh installation going after not being able to return the license first. I do not recall whether I ran into the same error message at first. If I did I would have tried returning the software at that stage. But I do not remember exactly what I encountered other than the Toon Boom server knew I didn’t return the license. I was still able to get a fresh installation going without the help of anyone. Later I described this here and was informed of the grace allowances.