red parts after export

Hi you all, I hope I can describe my problem clearly…
I made an animation in Toon Boom Studio 7, everything worked properly. The puppets are all black, only silhouettes. Then I exported the movie, first as an AV-movie, than as a Quicktime-movie, but with both I’ve got the same problem: the black figures suddenly flash up red, not all the animated parts at the same time but one after the other, and not regularly. When I’m going back to Toon Boom Studio and I let the animation roll, nothing’s to see. I don’t know what I did wrong, can anybody help me? I’m pretty frustrated after the long time I sat there animating the different parts, and now all I’ve got is a blinky twinkling thing… :frowning: Thanks in advance!

I dont know if I have any answers to your questions but I have noticed similar problems while exporting to .avi and .mov and even flash!!!
I am not really sure if Toon Boom have put a lot of effort to their file converting parts of TBS.
To me it seems quite rare that a converted file dont have better resolution and quality, even if you do select good parameters while starting a project. It use to look very good in TBS camera mode only.

I think we both asks for the professional software utility to get higher result.
I dont think they will improve TBS.
Or maybe theres some kind a trick thats hidden from both of us.
I will wait happy for that solution.

For the red colors question… you probably colored something with a color pot that was changed or removed. Go back and check the images inside TBS at the frames where they flash red in the movie. This could also be a memory issue (see below)…

For movie quality issues, this depends on the Codec/compressor and options used to render the movie. Also be aware that if your project is too complex, your system may be running out of memory while rendering the project. If this happens, try to optimize the project or to break it into smaller chunks. 32-bit programs may only use up to a total of 1.7 GB of RAM, and that is under ideal conditions.