red boxes around images?

I’m creating a cartoon that has several scenes. Each scene I have created as a separate toon boom file. Now that I’ve finished most of the scenes I want to put them together in one swf. I’m creating a new toon boom file and importing each scene into it.

The problem is that when I export it to swf, there is a red box covering some of the png images that I imported. This red box wasn’t there before when I played the scene itself–only after I import it into the new file and export it as a whole.

I’ve tried going back and changing the pngs to psds and I get the same result. It’s strange also because I have several different pngs in the scene, and it only happens to a couple. Is there something I’m doing wrong? -or a way around this? thanks–


I am not quite sure what is going on there but usually a red box means a lost texture or color. This being said have you tried to update the link to the texture in question, it may be a broken link or something and editing the texture (double click on it in the palette) may fix this situation.




Yes you are right about it being a lost texture. I tried updating the texture to the corresponding link but that doesn’t seem to be working.

And just to explain exactly what I did so you know if I did something wrong:
I right clicked on the texture in the palette and went to ‘add color’ ‘texture’ and put in the image. The correct image then came up on the palette which seems like it worked-but it is now named simply ‘texture’. So I renamed it to ‘39’ which was the original name and deleted the '39 that was still in the palette as pure red.

At least I’m getting closer to figuring out the problem. Any other ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks Ugo.

EDIT: I got it to change, (I forgot to go into the drawing view-I was still in camera view.) BUT now it is stretched, it doesn’t line up right. So almost there.


If your only issue is that the texture no longer aligns properly you could use the texture editor tool to realign everything.



I have been following this discussion and an obvious question occurs. You began the discussion by talking about merging scenes in separate project into a new project.

But you didn’t discuss the methodology you used to do this. Did you move the scenes by way of templates in your global library or did you export the earlier projects to SWF and import those SWFs into your new project? -JK

OK, I finally got the ‘lost textures’ to work. No more red boxes. I used the paint bucket tool after importing the lost texture and unchecked the ‘tile’ option.

If I want to go back and fix a scene and then import again this problem still occurs for these specific images-but at least now I know how to fix it. Thank you Ugo.

I exported the earlier projects to SWF and then imported those into the new project. Would this have not happened if I did it through templates instead?


Most likely not. Using the global library and templates is a much better way to move scenes from one project to another as opposed to SWF export and import. SWF import is mostly for getting assets into TBS from other programs like Flash. It is very likely that can cause broken links and lost information as it is a translation process. The global library is specifically there for moving assets between projects for reuse and compositing. -JK

Got it. Thanks JK. Good to know for future TBS projects. (this was my first one)