Recreating Invader Zim Episode

I’ve been lurking for awhile but I thought the community might like to see this.

I’ve always been a huge Invader Zim fan, a show that was canceled in mid production. Voice tracks and scripts of 7 unfinished episodes are available on the Special Features Invader Zim DVD so I thought maybe I could remake these episodes using the original cartoon as a guide. I’m not a very good artist but I have a friend that can do the pencil tests and backgrounds and then I go over them in Toon Boom Animate 1. I’ve never animated anything before attempting this and it seems impossible for a couple of teenagers, but we are slowly doing it.

Here is a preview of our work. I hope you enjoy it.


Very professional work! You guys, or should I say, girls, are doing top notch stuff. Keep it up!

great idea. Looks good and I am sure this will get you a cult following.

Thank you all so much. Since the trailer we are getting buried with offers to help (mostly offers for voice acting and scripts, neither of which we need). In the past we have had offers of help, but most of them lose interest real fast once they figure out how much work is involved. Anyway, to deal with the surge of interest, we have a new video that explains the situation and shows a bit of behind the scenes work. Its fun to watch, maybe more than the original trailer itself. I hope you enjoy it.

This is taking forever, but now there are sound effects and original music. Also, the video is now a complete episode. All colored animation done in Toon Boom (some shading incomplete). You might notice that the animation improves later in the episode as our experience grows. I expect this to be truly done in about 6 more months with a better edit and everything polished up.

very enjoyable :slight_smile:

When finished you should actually pass it along to people who made the original. I think they will be happy to see what you have done and perhaps it can create some interest in a great cult show.

Wow this is great! I’m a big Invader Zim fan, so this is fun to see!