recreating a stroke(outline) after deleting it...

After deleting a stroke how can you get it back or recreate iit? example would be ,lets sat you are drawing an eye and you decide you do not want the outline so you delete the outline around your circle. Then later on you decide that it would look better with an outline around the circle. How do you get the outline back ?


Repeat “undo” (Ctrl+Z) until you get back to the original stroke. This will also undo everything done since the deleted stroke however.

That also would only work if the desired Undo took place in the same session and you did not yet save the project in progress.

A way to leave the option open is not to delete lines but to fill them with the same color as their content. This will take some advanced planning when designing your objects. There may be situations where it will not work out. Off hand, I cannot think of an example where it would not work. In this case I think using something less than a thick line would be safest. And also create everything with a line object by object at the first stage then change the line and move on. You will need to see how the objects look with and without a line and want to avoid making something that doesn’t hold up one way or the other. The idea is to change the line color to black or whatever you choose in your cartoon world later if you want a line.