I did 8 hours of work on an animation, I know I saved it at some point a few hours in. My computer decided to shut down and restart itself. I opened the file I was working on and today’s work was not saved, despite saving it. How can I get those first few hours back? I will literally sell my foot for any of it recovered

NOTE: I can’t use a tilda here because the stupid forum software thinks it is code. So Google “tilda” to see what that is if you do not know already.

You will not know what was saved at the moment of the crash until you have a chance to inspect the backup project file once it is opened. There is a chance that it saved everything up to that crash. But it is possible that it only captured what was available at the last save if Autosave was not enabled.

If you look through the folders related to Harmony the file with a tilda is the latest / last salvageable backup file.

There are two project files sharing the same name but one has the tilda. These represent the project file and its backup file.

Once you have located these two files you have to move the one without the tilda to a new folder within the folder containing the project file and project file backup file.

You will be making the file with the tilda the working project file. The way that is done is to remove the tilda. But you can’t do this if the original file is present because you can’t name two files with the same name while they are both in the same location.

  1. Locate the project file: “Project file”
  2. Locate the project file’s backup file which is identical except it has a tilda: “(with tilda)Project file”
  3. Create a folder, name it “Corrupted Orig Project File” and move the original project file inside this folder: “Corrupted Orig Project File” + “Project file” => “Project File” inside “Corrupted Orig Project File” folder.
  4. Remove the tilda from the back up project file: “(with tilda)Project file” - tilda = “Project file”

The back up project file now becomes the working project file.

  1. Store the original corrupted project file in the “Corrupted Orig Project FIle” folder in case you need it. It may be accessible by Support as a desperate resort if everything else fails.

At this point you should be able to open the project from the back up file.

Depending on what you did after this crash you might have ruined the chances of this technique working.

Depending on what you did after this crash you might have overwritten the backup file.

It sounds like you did not save very frequently during this 8 hour period. Maybe it would be best to enable Autosave to help prevent something like this occurring in the future. You will not be able to prevent random crashes but you will have saved more frequently so less of your work will have been lost.