Well here’s the thing, i didnt save once because i have been spoiled with auto save features in orher programs, and i thought it was on SB. I lost my power on my laptop and now i can’t seem to find the project. Now is it any way i can get the project back?

If you hadn’t turned on Auto-save in preferences and you have never saved the project, then the short answer is - no, it’s gone.

Storyboard Pro saves all its data within one folder with subfolders, and organizes it through the text file called “.sboard” in the root of that folder. If you never saved anything, then there will not be a useful .sboard file, and it will not have saved your drawings from RAM to the hard drive as .tvg files in your Elements folder… If there are any, you MAY be able to import these into a new project, but most likely, there will be none.

There are a few settings that are good to know when first using the program, and it would be practical if these were shown on a reminder at first use:

  • Remember to turn on auto-save - or save regularly, esp. on a battery-powered computer;
  • turn on sound by clicking the speaker button (why this is not active by default is a mystery to me).

Thanks for the reply! Yeah i found out about the auto save option later… don’t know why it isnt default to have it on but yeah yeah i knew what i was going to draw so wasn’t to bad. Thanks for taking your time to reply and thank you for the tips it’s apperciated!