Recover cells

Hi, my question is Does Toon Boom Harmony store cells in some cache or file while you are working on a project? are they stored in .xstage, or .xstagetilde?, I increased the exposure of a cell by about 25, then couldn’t undo the action because of the limit of undo operations,

I’m wondering if there will be a file containing the cells i lost


Every drawing you are stored in the project folder in the element folder in a tvg format.

Read more about the library and I hope you will better understand how it works.

/ Mattias

Hi, I made some progress on this, cells / exposures for tvg elements are stored in the .xstage files as tags,

Templates could certainly save me this problem in future, I didn’t know about them. thanks

it would still help me to know if my cells have been saved somewhere, maybe temporarily?

The layers and its drawings are saved in the projects folder.
Each layers can have many drawing substitutions that you can swap between.

But I dont know if the exposures are saved anywhere else than in the file.
Why do you need to know that?

It’s really I had a set of cells that were helping me to think about what I was drawing, and I lost the state.

So it was exposure and animation keys you lost, not drawings.

Always sad when you lose work.

I hope you find out how you did.

Thanks a lot.