Recording dialogue ? whats good ?

hi all
I have just started work on my first cartoon movie using TBS4 and seem to have a slight problem with the sound quality when i record my voice using my microphone - I have a C-Media AC97 sound card (not great i grant you)installed on the pc and the microphone is a cheap sony job.
The quality of playback is hissy and low (i have tried configuring the sound through the audio settings) but to no avail.

The problem is that when i try to incorporate a music track into the background the dialogue is barely audible.
Can anyone give me tips as to what they are using to record vocals - im willing to spend a bit of money on new hardware if its going to eliviate the problem …
;D thanks in advance

Go to a musical instrument store and purchase a Yamaha mw8cx this is a mixing desk with usb. It comes bundled with cubase recording software and the mixer has mic pre amps that sound great. I record each characters dialogue on a seperate track in cubase level and eq each part then export every characters line as a mp3. If a character has 3 lines in a scene i will export each one this way then you can change the timing of a spoken line in toomboom just by moving the mp3 to a different frame. Once i finish the animation with the dialoge i export the scene and then import it in cubase and add music and sound fx to the dialoge track and then use a replace audio in video function this replaces the sound on the exported video with the Dialogue , fx and music and kepps my dialogue in sync.
i hope this helps im just a home user but this is how i do it Cheers

I use cheap bottom of the line software and a fivedollar microphone, sounds okay as long as I keep the voice consistant, though, most of my stuff has been silent so far. Play with the sound levels in a cheap audio program like Roxio and make the music lower than the voice to solve your problem. It takes a bit of work but it’s cheap.