Recording cartoon voices

This is the first of 3 tutorials I made on recording and editing cartoon voices.

Nice set of videos on your channel their Bishmart, I’m subscribed. ;D

Thanks! Parts 2 and 3 are now up as well…

Thanks for these great tutorials. I’m a complete novice to sound editing and learned a lot here. The mic you mentioned in the first video seemed pretty affordable at $150 and I assume that’s what you used to record the tutorial audio? if so, it sounded pretty good to me. However, my guess is that anyone new enough to sound engineering to follow your suggestions on a mic and a pre amp will have no idea what the latter is and what they need to do with it. I did some research after watching to find out more and came across this pre amp. Would something like this be a good combination for decent sound with the mic you suggested for recording voices? Are there any books for someone wanting to learn more about editing?

Hi Tony,
I’m glad the tutorials were helpful. The pre-amp in the tutorial is pictured with an analog (non-digital) microphone.
The $150 mic you refer to (the"Yeti" by Blue) is a USB (digital) mic, and it performs surprisingly well without a pre-amp. (I may need to post a footnote with the tutorial to clarify that.)
Re books on the subject, most of what I’ve learned came on-the-job or from articles and forums online. I recently found some interesting resources here;
Hope this helps!

Great, thanks for the link.