Recommended Mouse?

Animate User.

Anyone recommend a good cordless mouse that they find works well with Animate - one that doesn’t open symbols or property boxes with just one click?

When I do a left click simply to select a layer, its property box opens, as if I’d double clicked. Same with selecting a symbol - it opens the symbol. I thought this was an oversensitivity in Animate, but it could be my mouse (it happens in Adobe reader). I have a Logitech MX Revolution cordless. I have tried changing the double-click settings to no avail.

When you installed the mouse, and the driver, are you able to open up the mouse driver properties to set which buttons are assigned to which tasks? It seems as though there are two possibilities - either that mouse button is mapped to do a double-click, or it’s so sensitive that it’s reading a single-click as a double-click. Try opening up the mouse properties and verifying which buttons have which assignments.

For reference, we have tested some of the lower-end versions of that model, for example the M505 and MX 620, and both of these work with the default settings with no issues.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks for your reply. This is a known issue with other users of this mouse. The left button was assigned to single click. It may be a weak switch. I may have to buy another and assign a double click to the top button to avoid overuse of the left button switch.