Recommendations for Forum

Most forums have a top level category where people can suggest changes to the forum itself, rather than simply the product. Is there one? If you go to the parent folder of the ToonBoom Studio folder the browser jumps back to the ToonBoom product page…

Anyway, suggestion for ToonBoom Studio forum:

Have a top-level topic called: (surprise) "Animation"
Add two sub-topics:
“Cut-out animation”
“Animation the hard way” (or what ever the name is)

Most of the posts at the moment seem to end up in the “General” folder…


Maybe somethign for special effects, too…

by the way “animation the hard way” can be referred to as “drawn”, “frame by frame”, “key and in-between”, or “classical” animation.

Looking forward to seeing what you’re cooking up. :slight_smile:

Special Effects - I like that idea.
I’d actually be willing to buy animated special effects and animations if they were available somewhere. All I’ve found is templates (presumably without anchor points or any real animation). Seems like something that ToonBoom users could trade/sell perhaps…

“Drawn” - ah, that’s a better term. The sad thing is, the older I get the less patient I am at sitting down and drawing…

As for my animation efforts…let’s just say they’re quite unusual :smiley:
The original intention of creating a Family Guy delight of animation, has now given way to a Southpark-esq feel. By the time I’ve finished it will be more like Beavis and Butthead.

I’m not sure if it meets your needs, but you can get a number of special effects like water and fire from in Flash format, then import the .wf into TBS.

I did some work on my most recent piece that involved some work on shadows and light that involved some tech use of TBS drop shadows, masks, and color transforms. Thinking of writing a tutorial or article about it, time permitting.

That’s interesting. I’ve seen that site - didn’t think about importing the flash effects (didn’t even bother to look at them).

Don’t suppose you know if you can import the flash animated characters (.fla format) do you? (Is that why people don’t sell ToonBoom animated templates, as opposed to just ToonBoom static templates?)

I like your idea of a tutorial…hope you get the time for that. I tried the drop shadow a while back - which looked great. Had trouble moving the thing in to position with those weird 3 square control do-dars though.


Unless I’ve missed it - there doesn’t appear to be a FAQ topic like on most forums.

Add a top-level “sticky” folder called: FAQ
The Admin should be the only one with edit access for this. They can list the latest links etc. related to top issues people are having with Studio.

It would be a useful resource for first-timers.

FAQ and knowledge base are in the support section of the TBS website:


Thanks for taking the time to point out where to look. :slight_smile:

Still a little dissappointed, though - a lot of the entries are dated 2001 and refer to Studio v2…things must have changed since then … (I hope). It even mentions Windows NT. Oh, well…