Recommanded (Anime/Manga Lovers - Check this out)

Hi Guys,
I just tasted from Toon Boom’s Animate… here is my opinion:

Some of the (Digital/Paperless) Animator users are always looking for The Perfect Thin Outline… But most of the Vector animation softwares so far have huge problems when it comes to emulate a real pencil, and THIN outline such as used in ANIME style.

I had to check this out myself, and I’m glad to share my opinion with you guys, Toon Boom Animate is having the MOST AMAZING brush tool ever, it’s so natural that it feels like drawing with pixels (but got the advantages of realtime edit/tweak that only vectors can).

So for the ANIME/Manga style fans out there, this tool is GREAT for you,
no more fighting with outlines that are too thick :slight_smile:

Toon Boom Team, Keep up the great job you rocks !

*Sorry about my Bad English—001a.png—001b.png

Thanks, well… those drawings were kind of rough and fast I just done in few minutest to see how natural I can draw using the differents brush width.

I like! Most of my drawings are more realistic looking so it’s imperative to have a ‘pencil’ drawn look, or else it looks like crap. I’ve not used CS4 but I’ve used other programs and I’ve hated the brushes. Animate is very good fit. Keep up your work!