Recomended gfx card question

Harmony 14 rec gfx card = gtx 970
Harmony 15 rec gfx card = gtx 1070

Why this jump? Ridiculous!

Explanation please!

Is this your way toon boom of ”optimizing” the otherwise slow program by raising the specs???
Like, get the latest gfx card and it will run smoothly thinking?

Please, take some time and optimize the code instead and deliver a smooth experience instead of throwing in halfbaked features Just for shows sake…
ehm master controller, what is that?? Is it even usable?

Im not going to throw 4.5k (swedish krona) on a gtx 1070 just to ”maybe” get harmony 15 less laggy and ruin my currently working well setup with gtx970 for after effects / premiere cs6…

Dragging the slider of the brush is so laggy, how is this possible??? It was still laggy on harmony 14 but worse in harmony 15

My hw specs:

i7 4ghz
32 gb ram
Gigabyte gtx 970
Samsung 850 pro SSD

Win 10 pro 64x

GTX 970 - the “current” line of Nvidia graphic cards when V14 was released.
GTX 1070 - the same comparable card but one series newer “current” as
at the time of release of V15.

If you’re having problems or slowness in the software contact support.
It may be an issue with the settings of the graphic card driver.

Hmm, interesting… I have never needed to tweak gfx card driver settings for other graphic software to make them run smoother but if there is a magic setting in nvidia settings then Im willing to try, how and wich settings are we talking about? What settings to change?

Shoud I mail support and ask them?