recieving email when you recieve a PM

Is this possible? I always miss them cause I don’t get notified.

I just got an email notifying me of your reply, James, so at least that is working. I wonder if this is something that is hidden in the profile preferences?

On another somewhat similar line, when you hover over a members name a popup appears saying “View profile of ______.” But there is nothing to click so you can’t get to it.

At the top there is a row of buttons and one is profile and you can change the basics there. I can’t see anything about PM preferences though.

zeb you checked the notify me of replies when you wrote the pm right? That would be why you are getting emails I think.

Hi TheRaider

There is a preferences for personal messages, but it requires the knowledge and guts to add in details in a script presented on the page.

If you go to -Home at the top meny in the Forums Window and in the Home Window go to the bottom and press -Private message there will be a
-preferences tab far right above the private message list.
Pressing this will open what to me looks like a kind of script window.
Since I can’t write script and get nervous just looking at one I have no idea if you can turn on- notify when receive messages here.
But it looks like(I might very well be wrong) that near the beginning there should be possible to add in usernames for notification.

Best regards

Yeah I don’t see it there either. I’ll throw that one in the bucket too for forum upgrades. I know we want to upgrade this system this year, so let me see what can be done!