recent version ? pitch mode?

hi - i use pitch mode a lot in the studio version of sbpro. i just bought my own licence of sbpro 2 and can’t find pitch mode . is it hidden somewhere ?my version 9.1.5 (7048) downloaded 17 dec while working for Digital domain ( before its untimely demise ) i was using version 9.1.5 ( 6936) 2011 10 14 service pack 1 . So why is pitch mode not in the later version .? just checked the version running in my current studio - 9.1.5 (7724)Am i missing an update somewhere ? if so how do I get it ? Thanksif i move a cam position sb doesn’t automatically centre the panel for viewing. it only did this properly in pitch mode .

HiI don’t know about pitch-mode, so I did a serch on the forum.It seams as it is a consulting version only feature.Here is a link to the posting on the subject:;action=display;threadid=687;start=msg2371#msg2371best regards-Ivar

hi thanks for getting back to me Ivar .- I checked the link . Annie was working with me on the Digital domain project . that will be why i was used to the pitch mode . The thing is it was me working on Gnomeo and Juliet that requested the pitch mode option in the first place ( in conjunction with the IT guy .). We got it first on that project for Disney . then I moved onto a new project / new company the Frankenweenie film and we had pitch mode . Then Digital Domain . Now i am working for Mind Candy . And they have pitch mode ( they bought 3 licences i believe ) . I can work at home part of the time on this project so i thought it time to upgrade . My version doesn’t have it . So now I am not compatible with my studio … Why are the studios getting a better version than the single user ? is it possible for me to get the consulting version please. ( pitch mode should be standard tool option -i can’t see why toon boom is holding it back from general users ) regards Dean