Rebecca Black Friday Parody

It was a lot of work making this parody, but I’m very happy now that its done. I’m sure many of you have heard or watched Rebecca Black Friday video before. Even if you havent, please watch this video anyway. I hope you will enjoy. Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Very good. If you compare your ratio of likes to dislikes on Youtube, you’re doing much better than the Rebecca Black original.


You missed the boat a bit with the paraodies, so you are always going to be compared to the tons of them out there. Overall I didn’t mind your paraody but it didn’t really grab me. The art was good and consistant. You ruined the me so excited this, to me that is the funniest part of the song and I didn’t feel that with your version. You really could of pumped the autotune up too, afterall that is part of what made it famous.

Also no random rapper really was a minus!

I quite liked this paraody although im not sure if she is serious or taking the piss, but it is a good arrangement

Thanks for the feedback guys! =)

Never heard the original song before. Thank God! Your parody was more fun to watch.

@TheRaider: Love that version! Always nice when an other version than the original sounds much much better.

Great Job on the artistic side of it, timing and graphics are good and the cams shots are entertaining.

Punch up the writing for the ending, but it is fun to watch.


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. =)