reasons to buy v3.5

I was wondering if i could see some of the of the reasons and also was wondering if you could like trade in you v3.0 and only pay like 100 bucks for the new one

How I spent my summer vacation…or why upgrade from 3 to 3.5.

There are many reasons to upgrade if you already use TBS in a prior version.

The addition of animated elements (elements that contain a embedded peg) is a great improvement and simplifies keyframing and animating as well as simplifies the appearance of the tracks in the time line. This also makes creating cut out characters much easier.

There are improvements in the usage of pegs specifically the elimination of default starting and ending key frames being created.

There are great improvements in the visual presentation of the time line itself that also makes working in TBS 3.5 easier.

There are significant improvements in the contour editing tool that now makes all of the line tools easier to use.

The addition of a function that converts lines to fills is also a great improvement.

The addition of a single button/command to toggle onion skinning on or off is a significant improvment in workflow.

The addition of a toggle that provides the ability to see onion skinned layers as strokes is also a significant improvement.

Seperating the pen setting for the eraser from other tools is a welcomed improvement.

The ability to import and export color pallets between projects is a huge improvment in color management.

There are also improvments in the usage of textures and gradients.

The pre-sets for animation properties are a nice time saver.

I’m sure there are other improvements I have omitted here but as you can see there are enough listed here to easily justify the upgrade. -JK

This alone is worth the price of admission. You can set up a character rig without pegs, or use the pegs and be able to do animation on a body part without affecting other parts–I used this recently to foreshorten a character’s leg for sitting down without it affecting subordinate parts. In earlier versions you’d have to have an additional peg for this.

that does sound good i just need to see now if they have it for like hundred dollars upgrade price ((I have v3))

just read they do have upgradeable for one hundred dollars for v3 or v2.5

I just found my reason to upgrade. There’s Undo/Redo buttons right on the bars. Now I only wish I could more easily zoom in/out, something like what Sketchbook Pro does.

Try using the Z and the X keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out.-JK