Rearranging display order in a rig.

I have a question about element orders in a cut-out . How can you change the display order in a rig after you have already set up the parent /child hierarchy. I started animating and have found some elements are falling behind other elements when they should be in front of them. I have tried reordering the elements in the exposure sheet but I can’t move them. I’ve also tried arranging them but the option to bring the element(s) to the front are greyed out. Any help would be apreciated. I’d hate to have to scrub what i already have.


You might like to have a look at the same question posted already.;action=display;threadid=2593

Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 / OSX 10.4.8

In the Sceneplanning Tools select the “Select” Tool (6).
Select your object.
Either in the Properties window under Drawing change the Offset for the Z-direction
(the last input window to 0.01 or else for forward, or use - (minus) for backward).

Or hold down “Option + Command” (on the Mac) for PC I think it’s the “alt” key.
In the Viewport move the double-arrow up and down -
(your object will move either backward or forward).

Or open the Top View (hold down Option+Command or alt)
and use the up- and down-arrows on your keyboard.


Thanks Nolan et. al. for the answers to this one. I was just having the same difficulty and noticed in the properties window the option to choose “type” for the drawing property. If I put “foreground” it takes care of the problem – it puts my hand in front of my face, which is on a parent peg to arm, in my case.

Well, if you’re using “Foreground” - I presume you’re aware, when your character moves
to a forrest or any other scenery, that your hand will be if front of any object.

You might like to have a look in the Toon Boom Studio V3.5 User Guide
“Changing the Layering Order of Elements”- page 338 onwards.


I didn’t get a manual with my copy. I bought the TBSBOX299 promo but i have yet to “get the box for FREE!”. Toon Boom’s quirky to buy
from. But the whole background/normal/foreground thing is in the on-line manual. That’ll come in handy. Now if I could just find out why the motion path isn’t displaying. Anybody care to tackle that one?