Really slow lag time building Palettes

I teach Toonboom Harmony for school, and I’ve noticed on multiple computers that Harmony’s been really slow/lagging when trying to use the eyedropper tool to build color palettes.

The only thing in my scene is a small 700K jpg for building the color palette (since I’m linking the palette to other shots). It takes a good 10-15 seconds for the dropper to “release” and change the color when clicking/dragging to the chosen color.

Has this been happening to other people as well? I’m on Harmony 14, seen the issue both on Mac and PCs at our school.

The rest of the computer and program runs swiftly, so it’s not processor speed. See attached video to see it in action. Thanks in advance

Works perfectly here, no lag at all.
Using Harmony 15 Premium / Mac OSX El Capitan.

Better contact the Toon Boom Team for assistance.