Really basic question: How do I create a shortcut for the Envelope Tool? It's as if it's not there in the Shortcuts menu...

I use the Envelope Tool a lot so I’m wanting to set a custom shortcut for it. But when I go to Keyboard Shortcuts under Preferences and search for “Envelope”, nothing shows up… This is really weird! I’m in Toon Boom Harmony Pro.

Nice! Thanks a lot again!

Wow! nice! it worked! thank you!
how do you actually find these slot action codes?

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You’re very welcome !

You can basically find all the slot actions available in the software’s menus in the Menus.xml file in the installation folder.
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 17 Premium\resources\menus.xml”

Then you search for the description of what you are looking for with ctrl+F in a text editor, and voilà ! ^^

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I’d like to know this as well. It seems like, as of Harmony Premium 15, there is no way to create a shortcut for the Envelope tool.

If you are referring to the Envelope Creator, by default there is no shortcut assigned for this function. However you can assign one yourself. The problem you are likely to encounter is that anything you think of that coincides with “Envelope Creator” is probably already taken. You just have to come up with something and if you receive a warning indicating the shortcut is already used for XXXX you can choose to deactivate something you will not ever use.

When you are in the shortcut window for Envelope Creator you have the “Press Shortcut Key:” field. Click in there to highlight it then perform the shortcut of your choice and see what response you get. If it simply accepts it you good to go. If you get a warning indicating the shortcut is being used for a different function decide whether or not that other function is something you will ever use. Try something else if you know you will use the function.


I really think it is possible. I’ll investigate a bit and I’ll let you know.


Hi again,

So it is possible and here is the way to proceed :

First you have to create the new shrtcut. Go to Harmony installation folder/ resources and open the “shortcut.xml” file in a text editor.
At the bottom of the General shortcut section (around line 262) create a new shortcut by writing :

(open new tag)shortcut checkable=“false” id=“SELECT_ENVELOPE” longDesc=“Select envelopeTool” slot=“onActionChooseEnvelopeTool()” text=“Select envelopeTool” value=""(close the tag)

Note that the ID you give to your new shortcut must be unique, put whatever you want as the long descrition and the text. The slot must be this action : “onActionChooseEnvelopeTool()”, and then give an empty value ( just two double quotes).
Save the file and open Harmony.

Go to Preferences/ shortcut, and in the general tab you should see your new shortcut (should have the same name as the description you gave).
Now just assign a hotkey to it, and it should work like a charm.

Let me know if you manage to do it.

Hope it makes sens and helps.



Thankyou eAthis!! :slight_smile:

Works like a charm.

I needed to figure out what “(open new tag)” means. For noob like me it wasn’t obvious to replace it with < symbol

Hi! Wow, thanks so much, it worked for me too. A question - can I create other shortcuts in the similar manner? for instance I cannot find a shortcut for “Fill Empty Cells” too.

Hi Soom,

Sorry for the (really) late reply.

I think you can do it as well.
I see the slot action for filling empty cels is “onActionFillHeldExposure()”, so basically, you can create a shortcut with the same logic, and as the slot you put “onActionFillHeldExposure()”.

Let me know how it goes.