Real Smoke and Fire?

I’ve noticed on South Park clips of real flames/fire are used instead of cartoon flames. Has anyone ever tried importing Effects files into TBS4 that would give the same result?

I came across a company called who have a small selection of flame loops. But these are AVI and .mov. It seems TBS4 only alllows .swf media imports into the Timeline.

Anyone know of any company that sells motion clips of fire/smoke/explosions compatible with TBS4 with transparency so only the flame is shown?

Hi grenspleen,

You’re now able to import video into Studio 4.5, so that may be something worth looking into if this is a crucial effect for your project. If you must work in 4.0, you can perhaps export each frame of your video as bitmap images with alpha-channel transparency. Most video editing software provide this export functionality and will keep any native or generated alpha channels. Once you have these frames as bitmap images, you can then import them into Studio with transparency intact. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try the method of breaking flame motion clips in Quicktime into PNGs.