Real Problem

So I’ve drawn my character from the standard five view points (front, 1 quarter, profile, 3 quarter, back) and I’m trying to break down my character to animate it. So I use the cutting tool to select the torso, go to edit and “create drawing from drawing selection” is completely greyed out! What can I do? If there’s nothing I can do I’d at least like to know why it’s doing this so that in the future I can avoid this mess.

Make sure you are in the drawing view and verify which element is selected.

Is this posted in the right forum?
My copy of TBS 6 does not have the feature/possibility Create Drawing from Drawing Selection.
But Animate Pro Does. To make it function in Animate Pro it has to be conducted in camera view with the drawing part selected with select tool or cut and still highlighted with the cutter tool.


Thanks Ivar! I had mixed up the 2 applications and the view.
Great of you to clear that up!