Reading Acme peg holes

Hi there!
It´s probably a silly question, ornot… But well, here it is:
Does ToonBoom recognize acme peg holes? Or the only way to work is with a taped peg bar to the scanner, with the big loss of drawing space with it?
If the answeris positive, can it learn another holes? Like 3 rounded ones from the standar office punchhole machines(have an Acme, too, but I have an animation short done with the other pegs and want to “jump” form 4:3 to 16:9with ToonBoom)
If not, which animation package of the family of Toon Boom can do that? And for which one, I mean the cheapest one.

Check "gonzor666"on YouTube and leave comments and ratings!!!


Our higher end software have peg bar recognition that allow Optical registration and drops the peg bars outside of the framing of the camera. Animate/Digital Pro/Harmony have the optical registration feature which find the holes of standard animation paper and align the drawings automatically.



I wasn’t aware Animate did that. Interesting.