Re:Will it bend? (noob question)

The trick here is to wait to apply color until the animation is done. You might do well to draw this with centerline tools like the Polyline tool or pencil so that you can edit individual points to achieve the wiggle.

Be sure to think out the timing ahead of time. Timing for Animation by Whitaker and Halas has some good stuff on this kind of thing. Get your keys worked up first, even one as a deform of the other, then get a break-down and work your in-betweens from there, all as deforms of the original.

You can also accomplish this with the Perspective tool, located in the Select tool button in the toolbox. You can do some pretty good distortions with Perspective.

Is there a way to deform a vector drawing that it can wiggle without drawing it frame by frame?

Like a dog’s tail wagging or a fishing rod being pulled or a elephant’s trunk rising or a palm tree waving in the wind etc. I know you can do such thing with cutouts but it ends up looking unnatural or it’s just too complex to be done efficiently.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help! knowing TB limitations is good to know.