Re:What rules to follow if i want to sell my license

Thought that might be the case. Bad luck.

This is pretty normal for high end software. Most of it won’t let you onsell it.

Dear Toon Boom Team,

would you please be so kind to explain me which rules i have to follow if i want to resell my Animate Pro2 license on ebay?

Some explanation: I am really sorry about it, but some features that i was expecting (like 3d objects import, flexible tools for creating 3d objects like in 3dvia shape, brush tools feeling more natural and easer to use like in Manga Studio) will -following what’s been clarified by Toon Boom in the forums- not be in development on Animate Pro. So, i don’t think that the future versions will meet my expectations.

kind regards,


I would email support directly than take the word of someone from a forum.

I don’t know if you can or can’t do it.

Thx for answering, Raider! :slight_smile:

But i suppose that a moderator from Toon Boom will also come and answer this question, since it’s the Technical Support forum. ^^;

LillyV is the the official one, but she just does techincal support and it sounds like you need sales, not techincal support. There is nothing wrong with your copy of Animate.

I have to admit… That’s completely… Right. ^^;

Thx (again!) Raider!

I had an answer from TB. I just wanted to share it, if someone else had the same question.

The answer is: no, it’s forbidden to resell your license…


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