Re:weird texture gradient?

Well, the strange thing is when moving around the camera view with the hand tool, or selecting another tool, or using the gradient/texture manipulator. The effect flickers on and off (rapidly between this stomach-lining texture and the normal gradient).

As I said, I never use texture fills so if it is, I have no idea where to fix it or why it’s even showing up in a normal radial gradient. Not to mention that adding a colour card to the scene fixes the issue completely.

I get the feeling it’s a graphics card thing but wondered if anyone else had reported it. I don’t really know where to start, since checking all the troubleshooting boxes.

Here’s a bizarre one for you. There’s an odd texture glitch appearing when I use radial gradients in Harmony 9.2. Here’s a screenshot of the problem.

I’ve checked and re-checked everything, including any texture brush settings (which incidentally is something I never use). I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled Harmony, but this one keeps coming back.

Workaround: simply adding a colour card to the scene eliminates the problem. It never happened in Animate Pro. Is this a known issue?

I’d be happy to provide a video if necessary.

your picture doesn’t work ;(

hmm, yeah the link’s fine though. Refreshing page works for me or right-click > view in new window.

Otherwise, here’s the image link:

Hmmmm, strange, Adam! I tried a radial fill in Harmony and it worked fine. I have no idea what is causing the effect. Looks like a texture fill. What happens when you try to manipulate it with the texture editor tool?

Thanks Lilly,
My system specs are as follows:

Windows Vista 64x
Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.66
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4800

I am running on Vista 64. So I just tried matching the gradient fill
as shown as well as I could. I got a standard radial gradient. Therefore
I think you can look somewhere other than Vista for this problem.


ps. Uhhmm…What kind of issues Lily? :o

Is it fine when you render out? If yes that means it’s related to the graphic card.

Did you try to activate Preferences>OpenGL > Alternate gradient and cutter? The ATI Radion are not officially supported on Windows so that might be the issue. I remember seeing some display problems with those cards.