Re:Want to buy Animate Pro but....?

yes you will just have to make the other layers no visible and export each layer set individually.

You could always do the jiggle in Animate Pro :slight_smile:

Hi I want to purchase Animate Pro because of the features, but want to know if I can export it as layers with transparency to Adobe After Effects to add post production. Please note I mean layers, NOT a flattened movie. I like to add different effects to each layer and give the appearance that my animations are very old. An effect I like to add in After Effects is called “wiggle” I add it to not just the animation as a whole but to the animation layers to add a defect that traditional cel animation took all actions to avoid. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s when the animation slides/jiggles on top of the background cel.

I’m new to animation but here’s is an example of this jiggle effect in a test rotoscope animation I did in Photoshop and After Effects. Here’s the link on my Youtube channel if you care to look. It’s a looped 15sec. test. Look at the jiggle of not only the whole frame but the animated character. It’s a subtle effect but it’s small details like this that are important to my animation goals.

Thanks for your time, sorry if this explanation was long winded.


Thanks for your reply!! So each layer set will have transparency? Really it has a jiggle? Where might that be located? I’m just going through the beginning TUTS at the moment. Can wait to start jiggling!

Actually you don’t have to make the other layers not visible. You just have to attach a Write module to each layer or group of layers. Just make sure the Write module’s Movie or sequence of images have a different prefix and that you choose the output format with alpha channel (TGA4 or QT million colors +)

THE coolest news of my week. Thanks SO much for this!