Re:Walk cycle on 2 s question

I’ve encountered the same thing in different ways.

A while back JK suggested I rough the movement on a separate element, then match the peg motion to it–you may or may not need that step. Then he suggested I put keys on the two’s, and set the keys to constant, removing the tween bar and holding position until the next key.

It works!

Hi All,

I’ve an in place walk cycle on 2s and i want to drag it across the screen after attaching the elements to the peg. Now the repeated frame that is the 2 frame is also dragged by the peg since pegs doesn’t discriminate against any frame. However this creates a slight jitter and slide footing as can be seen from my following animation.

How do i handle situations like this ?


Hi Rob

Thanks for the suggestion, i just did that. Inserted a key at the start of 1st frame of every drawing and set constant line segment for the 2s on the peg. Even though it is tedious for more than few cycles, it looks like it is the way. Now the walk is somewhat believable.


Boy, I thought I had the answer to that one by using the library, but I just realized you’d still have to set the motion and position keys and set them to Constant. That is tedious. I tried once to set all keys at once by selecting them all (I bet you tried that too), but it doesn’t work that way.

Glad something worked!

Yeah, if set exposure function is made available to pegs and stretched frames automatically default to constant line segments this problem will be solved permanently. Also we can animate at 15 fps and render at 30 fps just by setting the pegs and elements at 2s.

Just a wishful thinking.:slight_smile: