Re:Wacom Cintiq

Thank you all for your response. Darkroar, Your suggestion did the job for me. I did not know I could position the monitor in a vertical arrangement. Placed the Cintiq on bottom, problem resolved. May take a little time to get use to the positioning yet much better.

Thank You

Hate posting just when I have a problem But…
I’ve started using a wacom cintiq 12wx (which is sweet) and when choosing the select, contour, paint… tools the menu will appear on my primary screen and not the wacom screen, leaving me switching between screens. Does anyone know how to correct this so my menu will appear on the wacom screen. Thanks for help with this and all the addition help I get from all the other postings.

I had the same problem as you, I just found out one solution to make the Cintiq the primary screen.
Hope it helps.

Thanks for the response, Not really the solution I was hoping for, there must be a better way.

You can position the screens relative to eachother. By default the second screen is on the right. I usually reposition the second screen (cintiq) under the primary screen; this seems to work best across a lot of software I have.

I’ve got the same problem, Donald! My 12WX is to the right of my monitor and the flyout menus all go to the monitor instead of the Cintiq. Two solutions I’ve found is to drag that toolbar to the right of the main window or, on the Cintiq hit the function button that makes the cursor jump to the main display.

I have had the same problem. The only solution I could come up with is shrinking the window, dragging it to the right, and letting the icons “tab” out to the left side.
The downside is losing work area, but you don’t have to tab back and forth between screens.

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the latest version of Animate 2 fixed this issue. I had it once before and I also had a audio export bug, from the Animate .dmg I originally downloaded in September 2010. I tried redownloading it this July and it looked liked those two issues were fixed. Have you tried reinstalling yet?