Re:Vibrating Lines in Animate 2.0?

Thanks so much!!! I’ll try this now.

Rotoscoping…well, wouldn’t that be just a slight shift in positioning? and what about line width? should that change? or remain the same.

I was wondering how I can achieve a vibrating effect that I’ve seen people do say when a figure is walking along and it’s a line drawing and the lines sort of vibrate as the figure progresses. Is this something we can do in Animate? is it merely changing the figure very slightly so that the lines appear to vibrate? I’m not sure how this effect is realized and any help would be appreciated.


Thats all it is. Just frame by frame and sketching loosly over the previous drawings. The natural difference in your drawings will give you the effect.

Rotoscoping is tracing over and existing animation.

If you use the brush tool the pressure senstivity will give the variable width.

Well, I tried this and it worked! thanks so much again! you all are so wonderful to be so helpful!!