Re:Using Templates and Tutorials?


The sample material will automatically be added to your library after installed. Therefore you can recover them in the Templates directory in the library. As for the tutorial you will be able to launch them from the Welcome screen after you have installed them on your machine.

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Hi, I’m checking out your new “Animate” demo, looks great.

So then I downloaded templates and tutorials, ran the installs, now what …?

How do I access my new sample material?

No on both for me.

There’s nothing new on the splash screen and no folder in my library has a thing in it?

Could you maybe point me to directions on how to load and use samples and tutorials?

Thank you


If you downloaded and installed the templates and video on your machine they should have both been stored inside the folder in which you installed the application (by default should be : C:\Program Files\Toon Boom Animation\Animate). In that folder you should be able to locate a folder named Templates and a folder named Tutorials.

Be aware that if you installed the PLE first and full version after it is quite possible that the templates got installed in the PLE rather then the full version. Make sure to trash the PLE before doing the installation in that case.

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Ah, I got it. The tutorial and templates installers were not finding my new “Animate” folder, so they just stuck everything in a temp folder.

Thanks for the help. Of to experiment.

When I try to run the training file it tells me that the file is not a valid Win32 application. Can you help me with this?

Did you by accident download the Mac material instead of the Windows?

Please provide details.

If you are using 64 bit OS or have different name of Animate (ex PLE) other than default or downloaded templates in Animate Pro elearning (not , the path may not correct that it can not find a right path. However, you can select the corresponding Animate (pro) folder under program file that should install.