Re using puppet or making a template

I am making a cartoon in which i have to re use the characters for differrent scenes and episodes and i dont. Want to keep drawing them and coloring them for each episode or scene and i was just watching a video on youtube by jamalnation working on tb studio and he was saying something about adding your allready rigged and grouped puppetto the template library but when i tried iton animate pro 2 i had no template library can some one help me i want to how to make my puppets a template so i can reuse them with out keep doing them over please and thanks in advance ???

You just have to drag your character to your library so that you can use it in new scenes.

For starters, go to your library and right click on the folder Stage Library and select Right to Modify. Then, from the timeline, make sure your characters layers are collapsed into one folder/group and drag it to the library. Or you can do it in Network view. What I usually do after I finish rigging a character is to Group it with a Composite. This makes a nice little package with everything in one spot. Once it’s grouped like that you can drag the group to the library. I’m sure this is covered in the video tutorials on TB’s site.

For your master rig, you should copy the group from the Network and paste in the library like Zebtoonz mentioned. I don’t recommend to do it from the Timeline for the full rig as the Timeline doesn’t all the complex networking that you might have done in the Network view.

Check out the Tip of the Week on creating Master Templates: