Re-Using a Rig for different Characters?

Ok. So I just finished a good rig on a character. I have plenty more characters to build that will be built similar.

Is there a way to speed up the process in terms copying and pasting? How should I go about this? Is there a way to quickly rename assets/groups as well?

It would be a shame to start a new character from scratch when I’ve put in a lot of work into the initial foundation.

Thanks in advance.

You can reuse the whole structure of a rig but not the drawing inside (let’s say the design is quite different but you wanna start from the same rig) by doing a paste special of your whole rig and checking in the first options at the top the one called " do nothing".

you can Edit your rigged characters, like make new heads for same body, or use different color palettes for each rig, redraw and replace character parts, save and name each rig as a project just to be safe, and then save as a template to library to open in library and import multiple characters if you like, when you make your rig name the master peg the character name instead of the of all the parts by the character, and just the name the character parts generically, as long as you have good planning you can reuse the same rig if you did not add too much details to your base rig that are hard to Edit.