Re:"User guide" vs. "How To Animate Guide"?

Thanks again.

Hi. Being a new user of ToonBoom, I’m considering getting one of the guides offered. Wondering if anyone has had “hands-on” use of both of the guides and can say what the similarities and differences are of them. I’ve read the descriptions but still wondering…does the user guide contain alot more useful information about all of the abilities/functions of ToonBoom beyond the “How to Animate Guide”? Thanks.

I have both and I would have to say that they are both very useful. If you can only afford one I would say by all means get the User Guide. It covers all the nuts and bolts of the TBS interface and features. In my opinion it’s necessary to learn this before you can get creative. The User Guide also contains tutorials.After you feel more comfortable with Toon Boom, the How To Animate Guide will get you thinking about the ART involved in creating good animation. It also contains lesson material that you can open in Toon Boom. But, again, it’s more about animation and less about the application.If money is no obstacle, get them both. You won’t regret it.Ron

Thanks for the info. It was useful.

One more question. Just wondering if the “User Guide” is a paperbook or an “E-book”? It states in the descriptions that the “How to Animate Guide” is a downloadable e-book but does"nt mention what the “User Guide” is.

Yes, the “V3 User Guide” is a good, old-fashioned, hold-in-your-hand, 447-page paperbook, while “How To Animate” is a downloadable PDF file.