re-use symbols


I am developing 4 characters and all 4 share the same mouth, eyes and nose. So I created the first one and created a template. Then I wanted to create de second one and I wanted to use the mouth, eyes, and nose (symbols) of the first character. But since I started a new file with the second character, I do not have access to character 1 symbols. Is there a way to import those symbols into a new file? Thanks for the help.

Drag all the layers into your global library(you will need to right click on it and choose right to modify). Then you can just import it from there.

If you don’t plan on reusing a lot or just the once sometimes I just use “save as” so not to clutter things.

Thank you for the quick response. I tried to move the existing sybols into the “Animate Library” and did not work, so I tried to move the layers to the Animate Library (I created a subfolder to keep thing organized) but .tpl files were created as I dragged them. What am I doing wrong?

you are doing it right. The tpl file is a template file which contains all the art you just dragged in. You want to drag all the layers together to just creat 1 file. Then in your new scene you can just drag that template into your scene.