Re:turning the head animation

yep after I read the tutorial about morphing in Solo, I am pretty sure it is what I saw in Siggraph. I think what she did was having every single part of the face(eyes, nose, ears…) doing its own “morphing.” And by not telling me the details, I got a wrong impression that “morphing” is the function in TBS >:( . She also showed me the IK and RK systems, is it a SOLO only function as well?

Even through I kind of agree to JK - TGRS’ post about the “super-program” illusion people receive in conference, not everyone who attracted by the program there are fool or moron, or lazy joe who want the program to do everything. I was interested seeing them doing the “morphing” and IK/RK thing because I have been doing animation with After Effect, and that’s what it is lacking.

Anyway, besides ToonBoom, is there any other good 2D program that I can check out with?

Thank You


hello all this is my first post,
I went to Siggraph2006 and discovered ToonBoom, I was amazed by what they showed me, so I decided to try out their demo.

In Siggraph they showed me how to create an animation of turning the character’s head from front view to side view with just drawing 3 “keyframe” drawings; the “front face”, “45 degree face”, and “profile face”. After that they press one function key, then the program created all the drawings in between, and then export as a movie showing the finish turning head animation.

Now I have been the demo for 3 hours, and I can’t recreate what they have showed me. Can anyone point out what function is that and how to do it correctly? ???

thank you

i think that may be morphing feature of solo product !

I always find software demonstrators at trade shows to be like “snake oil” salesmen. They always have these “oh it is so simple and the software just does all the work” and “any rube of the street can be making movies in ten minutes with this product.” They mean well and they are proud of the product they are demonstrating but they do more harm than good by creating the impression that the software performs magic. Maybe it was morphing or just motion tweening and maybe they had spent hours setting up a complex interpolation curve that they didn’t bother to show you. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that they left you thinking it is all in the software which is just misleading and one of the big reasons there are so many “hacked off” people who buy these products and then get mad when they realize the “magic” comes from the artist not the “tool”. Toon Boom Studio is a really good product but it doesn’t create diddily by itself.

I wasn’t implying anyone was a fool, or a moron, or a lazy Joe. Nor was I implying that anyone was malice in their intent to sell their product. What I was relating was my own experience watching the majority of exchanges at trade shows and how much they resemble the sideshow midways of a travelling carnival. That plus years of interacting with other users on numerious forums.

Good luck in your hunt, Solo appears to be a strong contender in the 2D market for an all inclusive solution. It is still early in its development cycle and has plenty of upside and a strong starting point. -JK

i use toonboom studio because i like to draw, and the traditional animation method is my choice.
i really don’t know if solo’s added value of (a.o.) automatic inbetweening would be worth those next 2,000 bucks for me, when i can draw the other poses easily enough.

but i can imagine that many people would be glad to not have to draw so much. if it’s the right approach toward tbs at all, it’s not mine to judge.