Re:Trajectory not displaying

…for your licensing error you should send a screen shot to

I have created a simple animation. When I select a drawing, and press SHIFT+F11 to display the trajectory, it displays only the control points – the trajectory does not display.

I’m also running Animate PLE on a second laptop, and the trajectories display there just fine. I’m only having a problem with Animate.

I’ve hunted through the preferences but do not see anything that would show/hide the trajectory, or allow me to change the color/size of the trajectory.


Perhaps it`s a display problem with your video card. What video card are you using? Have you tried updating the drivers for it? There is no option to change the colour/size of the trajectoy, there is only an on/off using Shift-F11.

I think it is a display problem. When I change the default background color and tilt my monitor, I’m able to see a faint motion path. I updated the video driver, but this didn’t fix the problem. I decided to switch to a 2nd laptop of mine after returning the license on the first, but now I’m getting a license server error. :-/