Hi Everyone,

I’ve been using TBS since it was a Beta 1 version for OSX. It has had some problems, but the support people have been great and for the most part things have been fixed in a timely manner. There are still some bugs/“strange behaviors” I find now and then, but give the TBS guys a chance to fix things and I’m sure they will.

I’ve been working with both PC’s and Macs for years now. One of the strangest problems I see is there will be one piece of software that just won’t work on Brand X, Model N windows PC. I’ve seen it with Lotus notes, 3DS, Catia, etc. So don’t be surprised, Windows compatible is more a suggestion then a Promise. Not that this is the case in this circumstance.

Hi Jenn,

I’m glad to hear from you.

The tablet bugs have been fixed already. I would love to send you an updated build but you are going to have to wait a few more days.

Also, we ordered some Quadro FX 1400 and some other recent NVIDIA graphic cards to solve some problems. Hopefully it will solve your problem since we discovered the same problem on an HP machine which has an HP specific integration of the Quadro Technology. I’m thinking Dell might has the same problem.

We need to test the application before passing on to you. We worked a lot on the Wacom API and we don’t know what might have been broken. It’s a matter of days.

I don’t have any official date but mid November is the targeted time frame to release the official 3.1 update.

Thank you all for reporting these problems, you help is greatly appreciated.


Hi All,

The official 3.0.1 update that solves all these issues is now available at:

An official email announcement will follow soon.