so i think i figured out what i did wrong…kind of.

im importing a character thatw as originally built in flash. i imported the SWF and i believe it created a .tpl folder automatically in my library. i began to edit that template because the layering was incorrect in many places, and saved it. this version of the template did not contain my corrections when i tried to open it on a new shot file.

however, when i went back into the .tpl, i dragged the correct layers into my target library and created a new template. it gave me the option to re-name as usual and i just called it v2 for now. this version seems to be fine. i guess my question to anyone who cares is why didn’t the first version work? thanks for looking!


So I’m trying to set up some character templates. I believe that templates can be stores in a user-defined Library so that they can easily be opened and brought into a shot file, correct?

So I build a template and save it to a Library folder. The layering looks correct when I edit the template, but when I drag and drop it into a new shot file, all the layers are shuffled around (arms incorrectly in front of the torso, face shapes in front of its features, etc). There was no Z-space used when making the template, and there are no keyframes (i.e no animation). When I click on the template in the Library, it looks correct in the Preview window. However, this is not the case when placed in front of the camera.

What am I doing wrong?