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First I would like to know which version of Toon Boom Studio you are using. Is the crash giving you a specific error message or is the software simply closing? When you do those renders have you tried different format and compressors? Are the files you render to being created at all?

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Every time I try to preview my movie, the bar comes up that says it’s exporting, then when it gets to the end, the program crashes. I checked to make sure Flash was enabled in QuickTime but it still crashes. I’m on a G5 Mac tower and I have 35 gigs of extra space on my hard drive. What do I do? Anyone else have this problem?

I have TBS 4 Demo. But the real version is on its way in the mail. I don’t think I know what you’re talking about when you say “different format and compressors” because there aren’t any options when you preview your animation. The program disappears and Apple asks if I want to send an error report, there is no message from TBS. As I said, I can see the movie exporting through a loading bar but when it gets to the end , the program crashes.

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Do you have the latest version of Quicktime installed? I had no problems with preview in TBS until I upgraded to TBS v.4, at which time preview simply did not work on my Intel iMac. It didn’t crash . . . it just did nothing. I ended up updating from OSX 10.4.8 to 10.4.10 and updated to Quicktime 7.2 and my problem was solved.


Thanks Ron. I updated quicktime but when I tried to update OSX it said “scanning computer to see if program can be installed.” It then told me that the software could not be installed. I don’t have an Intel Mac and i guess my PowerPC is already updated. Is there a way to check if OSX is updated? Anyways, after updating quicktime, there are no changes in TBS. Still does the same thing: the export bar finishes and the program crashes. Is there a plugin i need?

If you have a PPC Mac you need the PPC version of the OSX 10.4.10 update not the Intel version. Go to to the support section and look for the OSX 10.4.10 update that is marked for PPC. -JK

I’m sorry to hear that updating Quicktime didn’t help. If you click on the apple on the top left of your menu bar, then “About This Mac,” you will see what your system software version is and also the Software Update button. Press the Software Update button to see if you need any further updates. It will only indicate an available update if you need it; otherwise you are current. Other than that I can only suggest repairing permissions if you haven’t yet after updating Quicktime. This is commonly done after installing or updating software and can often solve lots of problems.

Oh it seems I have Mac OS X Version 10.3.9. Do I need OSX Tiger?

Unfortunately the answer to your question is yes you do need OSX 10.4.x. -JK

Haha…thanks. :stuck_out_tongue: When tiger came out I thought, “Oh it’s just a fancy, superfluous upgrade.” Guess I was wrong. Since Leopard is coming out this month, am I allowed to skip Tiger and go straight to Leopard?

You should consider the system requirements for all of your applications before making your choice between Tiger and Leopard. First releases of system software can be buggy and you may find that some of your applications might require updates if you get Leopard. Perhaps Ugo could comment on whether they’ve tested TBS with Leopard.

At any rate, I think Tiger would be a safer choice but I wouldn’t blame you if you jumped straight to Leopard.


Can’t guarantee anything yet since we don’t have an official release but from what I heard it Toon Boom Studio was pretty stable on it. This being said has Guitarist said to be on the safe side you probably would be best off with Tiger.

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Thanks everyone for your help. I got OSX Tiger and now TBS is running magnificently. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the replies because it has also made me realize that I must buy the updates that Mac puts out. I thought they were unnecessary, extra packages and I was getting the same updates as everyone else through the downloads. Silly me. I will probably wait a little while before I get Leopard to let them work out its problems so that it doesn’t cause more problems with Toon Boom (not saying it will but just in case).

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Hey, I’m glad to hear it worked out. Have fun!