Re:tablet pc strangeness and Storyboard

Hi, just checking on your progress. Do you still expect this issue to be resolved in the next few weeks?thx!Mike

Just purchased Storyboard at siggraph, and installed the program on my tablet PC (TECRA M4). I am getting very strange response from the stylus. When I start to sketch, storyboard quickly draws a long line straight up at about a 45degree angle (it measures about 3 inches in length) then i get control of the line and I can begins to draw normally…well not really normally, because the drawn line is now offset 3 inches from the stylus.None of my other programs give this strange response (photoshop, zbrush, painter…)please help i was planning on using the program on my tabletthank youmike

Hi xvivo,What’s the orientation of your M4 screen ?Do you have the same behavior in all screen orientation or only specific ones ?BTW, do you have the latest Tablet PC pen driver installed ?(,Sébastien Miglio.

ok i rotated the screen orientation -then back again and it works. The problem is intermittent though. I came back to the project and had to change the screen orientation a few times to get it working…it is like i have to prime a pump…anyway at least it works eventually. Can you think of any reason that i have this issue only with storyboard?BTW I love the program! Great job Toon BoomMike

Hello,We received Toshiba Tablet PC to look at your problem (M400 and M7). This is related to the way Windows Tablet PC edition handles the tablet coordinates…Anyway, we are working on this, and I will post a message as soon as it will be resolved. (around end of september…)Thanks,Sébastien Miglio.

Hi Mike,Could you contact me directly at and I will take care of you.Best,Sebastien.